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Auto accident injuries are common. In fact, there are approximately 342,000 injuries that occur each year. You could sustain a mild injury that could cause you pain and discomfort. In some cases, the auto accident injury is serious and could interfere with your daily activities. Our Omaha, Nebraska Chiropractor at Kosak Chiropractic and Acupuncture will help you recover from the injury effectively and will help the pain subside.

Common Injuries From a Car Accident

One of the more common injuries from an auto accident is whiplash. This particular injury arises from rear-end collisions in a majority of cases. It occurs when a person’s neck is projected forward and then backward rapidly. The impact causes damage to the soft tissue and possibly nerves in and around the area. Your spine may become misaligned from the force. If you have whiplash, you might experience a wide range of symptoms such as neck pain, a decrease in motion in your neck, a headache, fatigue and dizziness.

You could have a backache, especially in your lower back, from the impact of the accident. You could injure a muscle or the other soft tissue in the back. You might do damage to the discs in between the vertebrae. The impact could dislocate the discs in your spine.

An accident can cause a strain or sprain in an extremity. You might have a headache, general muscle aches and soreness. Numbness and weakness in your extremities are possible.

Treatments We Utilize

One of the staple chiropractic treatments we use when you experience whiplash or a back injury is a spinal alignment. It takes pressure off of the nerves and muscles around the spine. Alleviating pressure on the discs allows them to heal.

Massage therapy is a treatment that helps relieve pain in the muscles. Our chiropractor uses massage therapy to loosen the muscles and relieve discomfort, so you can start recovering sooner and with less discomfort. This modality of chiropractic care has the potential to increase blood flow to the area you hurt, so it heals more optimally.

If you should happen to lose your range of motion in an extremity or in your back, we’re able to help you restore it through guided exercises. The exercises will increase in difficulty, so you slowly regain function in the area. The exercises will ultimately help you reduce pain.

Decompression therapy consists of our chiropractor in Omaha, Nebraska using traction to gently pull on the spine. By stretching the spine, it takes pressure off of the sensitive discs in between the vertebrae. It allows them to heal more optimally since blood is able to flow through the region more effectively.

If you were in an automobile accident, our Omaha, Nebraska at Kosak Chiropractic and Acupuncture can assist with reducing pain through noninvasive, drug-free methods. We help you recover using all-natural remedies. All you have to do is call 402-298-5658.