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Dr. Kevin has helped me so much with back and neck pain. I’m not getting headaches and I can finally touch my toes again. Incredible staff with Desiree, Dr. Heidi, and Dr. Kevin treating you as family and always friendly. I recommended them to many friends and family members. Thanks guys for the great help.     – Renee R.


The customer service is incredible, everyone is so polite and I feel taken care of every time I come in. I have been consistently satisfied. I would gladly recommend to anyone. 5 stars for sure!    – Sara L.


Two years of headaches and weird pain and twitching gone in six visits, thank you!     – Jerry R.


Dr. Kevin is the best, my back and neck pain are both gone and I have a wonderful experience every time I go in and I’m very grateful for all of his help, highly recommend!      – Radman Z.


Eight days ago I picked my daughter up and hurt my sciatic nerve so bad I couldn’t function, couldn’t bend over, sit or carry anything! This morning I beat my personal best 5k time by 1 min 2 sec. Thank you, Dr. Kevin Kosak! – Toby P.


Kosak chiropractic is not only the best place to go but both Dr. Heidi and Dr. Kevin care so much about their patients that they make you feel like a part of their family. I have been with them for about 7 years now and I trust them with my life. I will not let any other chiropractor treat me. Thanks Dr. Heidi and Dr. Kevin for your excellent services. And I just want to add that their receptionists are so friendly and helpful always having a smile on their face to ease your discomfort.   – Jessica D.


I was recently referred to Dr Kevin by a friend. I’m so happy I went. In just 5 visits I feel 10x better! I had been seeing another Dr for a few months and made NO progress. I dare to say this man is a miracle worker!!!!     – Bobbi H.


Kosak Chiropractic is awesome! I was a first time chiropractic patient and they walked me through everything that was happening the first couple times I came in. My back has never felt better! Thanks everyone!         – Kelsie R.


What a great experience it has been being treated at Kosak Chiro! I was in a car accident and was feeling pretty crumby! Headache that wouldn’t quit, shoulder, neck back and knee pain. I’ve been going for just a few weeks and can already see that this is where I want to stay when this injury is healed. The progress has been amazing and the staff as a whole are just super folks. I am pretty picky about who I trust with my health. Certainly picked a winner here! Thank you Dr K, Heidi and Anita. You guys are amazing and I am so very grateful for you!         – Judy C.


Dr. Kosak and his staff are amazing!! I travel 26 miles to see him. I could find a closer chiropractic service but he is worth the travel time. I would and do recommend Kosak Chiropractic service.         – Kim C.


We’ve been seeing Dr. Kosak for almost 10 years and have trusted him with all of our adjustment needs. We’ve seen him for issues with our backs, shoulder injuries, pregnancy pains and infant/child adjustments. He’s very professional and very good with children. The office staff has always been very friendly and welcoming. We highly recommend Dr. Kosak.   – Samantha I.


Best chiropractor in town! Have had chronic back pain for years, but then I blew my back out after 2 days on crutches post knee surgery. Not only did they fix me up, but gave me stretches, and sleeping positions that have kept me in good shape for the last 6 years. Appointments aren’t necessary, and with my rotating schedule that’s a life saver. Clean, courteous, and friendly.         – Cheryl S.