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Scoliosis Treatment in Omaha
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At Kosak Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we focus on the treatment of problems related to the back and one common example that we see is scoliosis of the spine. If you have been diagnosed with scoliosis, you may have heard that there are surgical treatment options available. Fortunately, there are alternatives available as well. We have put together an overview of how scoliosis develops and which scoliosis treatment choices might be good for you!

What Is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a disorder that impacts the spine. The spine is expected to have a certain degree of curvature from front to back, which is called Kyphosis and Lordosis. When someone has scoliosis, the spine is abnormally curved in the  lateral direction, meaning from side to side

There are several common causes of scoliosis in the spine. The vast majority of the incidences of scoliosis form in kids as their spine develops. As their spine elongates, it might not grow straight. A few cases of scoliosis are not detected until people get older. Therefore, we see this condition in people of all ages.

The symptoms of scoliosis can vary based on the degree of curvature. Some individuals who have very slight degrees of curvature may not detect any issues at all. Individuals with major degrees of curvature in the spine might suffer compression of their organs, leading to severe symptoms.

The Types of Scoliosis

There several types of scoliosis that individuals might have. These include:

  • Thoracic Scoliosis: This form of scoliosis forms in the chest. Those with major curvatures could suffer compression of organs in the chest, such as the lungs, making it hard to breathe.
  • Thoracolumbar Scoliosis: This form of scoliosis takes place in both the chest and abdomen. Even though mild forms of this scoliosis may not lead to severe issues, great degrees of curvature could cause both chest and GI symptoms.
  • Lumbar Scoliosis: This type of scoliosis is one of the most common and takes place at the bottom section of the spine. GI symptoms such as diarrhea and constipation could develop in patients with severe forms of this disorder.
  • Double Curve Scoliosis: Individuals with double curve scoliosis have two distinct curves of the spine. In some situations, double curve scoliosis could lead to severe mobility problems.

Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatments

chiropractor examining scoliosis patient

At Kosak Chiropractic and Acupuncture, we are proud to provide non-surgical treatment options for scoliosis. Some of our scoliosis treatment options include:

  • Brace: A back brace can be leveraged to apply constant, sustained pressure on the spine. This will gradually move the vertebrae back into the right positions. In time, we can tighten and loosen the brace until the treatment course is finished.
  • Weight Loss: One of the exacerbating factors in many forms of scoliosis is excessive weight. This can place a great deal of stress on the spine, leading to scoliosis. As a result, we like to work with our patients to lose weight to make our treatment options more effective.
  • Chiropractic Care: Lastly, we can also use chiropractic manipulations and adjustments, leveraging manual therapy to move the vertebrae back into the right positions. With several courses, we might be able to move the vertebrae back into the right spots without surgery!

Our goal is to tailor our treatment options to meet the individual needs of our patients, helping to keep them out of the operating room.

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