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Our Omaha Chiropractor Explains Chiropractic Adjustment

Our Omaha Chiropractor Explains Chiropractic Adjustment

If you’ve been encouraged to receive chiropractic care from your friends or family doctor, you may find yourself stopped short by the phrase “chiropractic adjustment.” Exactly what happens in an adjustment, how does it feel, and what does it do for you? Our Omaha chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Kosak, wants you to know just how beneficial chiropractic adjustments can be as an effective wellness, pain management, and injury recovery tool.

How Chiropractors Correct Subluxation

Chiropractors specialize in the correction of musculoskeletal problem known as subluxation. A subluxation is a partial dislocation within a joint. When joint components don’t quite line up as they should, the results can include either stiffness, which causes pain and limits motion, or hypermobility, which makes the joint unstable.

These changes in joint alignment can have drastic effects, not just on your range of motion, but also on your overall physical alignment and posture. An unbalanced body is prone to muscular strain, injury, and degenerative changes such as arthritis.

To make matters worse, alignment problems can push bones or discs into neighboring nerves and nerve roots (including the spinal cord itself). This nerve impingement can cut off the flow of neural instructions to the body, causing all kinds of functional problems as well as symptoms such as chronic pain, tingling, numbness, and loss of control.

A chiropractic adjustment can resolve or at least reduce these problems. Our chiropractor in Omaha can apply specific amounts of force to precise places in the joint, shifting the joint components back into alignment with each other. The traditional form of spinal adjustment uses high-velocity low-amplitude (HVLA) force to make these corrections. But there are also low-force adjustments we can make that are both highly effective and easily tolerated by people with certain medical conditions or sensitivities.

Relief for Back Pain, Neck Pain, and Other Musculoskeletal Discomfort

A chiropractic adjustment can provide an extraordinarily wide range of benefits above and beyond what you might expect. Its ability to correct your physical alignment, posture and nerve function can result in:

  • Relief of neck pain or back pain, with no need for drugs or surgery

  • Relief of pain and stiffness in the extremity joints (knees, shoulders, wrists, etc) caused by chronic overuse, arthritis, or other conditions

  • Reduction of prenatal aches and pains and greater overall wellness for pregnant patients

  • Treatment and prevention of pediatric challenges such as asthma, colic, and bedwetting

  • Safe, effective management of chronic conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to sciatica

Omaha chiropractor discusses what a chiropractic adjustment is

Many people don’t realize that chiropractic adjustments can actually help keep them well. Adjustments which free up trapped nerve tissue help the entire body talk to itself more efficiently. This improvement in nerve function can, therefore, improve the immune, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive system function among other key body processes. Since a chiropractic adjustment is extremely safe and helpful for patients of all ages, you may find chiropractic treatment to be your family’s most potent wellness tool.

Best of all, chiropractic adjustment works — and the research shows it. A 2003 study published in Spine revealed that chiropractic adjustment is even more effective than medication against short-term spinal pain. A 2004 study in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found chiropractic care to be more effective against chronic lower back pain than other types of medical care in patients struggling with symptoms for up to one year.

The Chiropractic Adjustment Process

Our chiropractor in omaha goes over the adjustment process that chiropractors use.

Any chiropractic adjustment is preceded by a careful health evaluation and an examination of the musculoskeletal system. If you’re suffering from specific symptoms, we will take X-rays to isolate the exact cause of the trouble. We can proceed with your chiropractic adjustment if you like.

If we’re administering HVLA force in your adjustment session, you may hear a popping noise at some point. This is no cause for alarm; it’s simply cavitation, the release of gases from the adjusted joint.

Chiropractic adjustment often produces dramatic pain relief from the very first session. More frequently, however, we will recommend a course of several adjustment sessions. The repetition helps to ensure that adjustments settle in as your “new normal.” We may also prescribe other therapies such as acupuncture or corrective exercises to complement your chiropractic adjustments and provide whole-body healing.

Come Visit Our Chiropractor in Omaha

Kosak Chiropractic and Acupuncture can review the entire process of chiropractic care with you and determine whether you’re a good candidate for its many benefits. Call +1 (402) 964-0300 and schedule a visit to our chiropractor in Omaha!

Dr. Kevin Kosak was born and raised in Olivia, Minnesota. Dr. Kosak studied biomedical science at St. Cloud State University in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He then earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. Dr. Kosak also earned his acupuncture certification through the Acupuncture Society of America, founded and taught by the world-renowned and 1998 World Health Organization “Man of the Year”, Dr. Richard Yennie.
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